23andMe Publication Dataset Access

How to Obtain Access

23andMe is committed to supporting genetic research by enabling access to data we have included in our publications. We provide access to full summary statistics through a Data Transfer Agreement that protects the privacy of our participants’ data.

Before we prepare and sign a Data Transfer Agreement with your institution, we will review your dataset request. Please list the datasets you would like to access and describe your research project in the Statement of Work form using the instructions below. Please note that you should not sign the form at this stage, and there are some fields that you should not complete. When you have completed the required fields in the form, please download the SOW as a PDF and send it to dataset-request@23andMe.com. A member of our Research Team will respond to let you know when your form is approved.

Publication Dataset Statement of Work Form


Statement of Work Form: Instructions for Individual Questions

Statement of Work No.Do not complete. 23andMe will provide numbering information.
Institution NameProvide your Institution’s legal name
GWAS DataList the datasets you would like to recieve
Reference for requested GWAS dataFor each GWAS dataset, provide the full reference for the corresponding publication
OtherDo not complete. 23andMe will complete this section as needed.
Principal Investigator InformationProvide your name, title, and institution email address. We will not be able to transfer data to gmail or other personal email addresses.
Institution Designated ResearchersList researchers at your institution who will need access to the summary statistics.
CollaboratorsIf you are collaborating with researchers at other institutions who will need access to the summary statistics, provide their information here. You do NOT need to list collaborators who will be viewing analysis results or manuscripts containing 23andMe data, but who will not need access to the summary statistics results files.
Research Project TitleProvide a brief title for your research project
Non-technical Research SummarySummarize the goals of your research project for a general audience. This section of your request may be made public on our collaborations website.
Character limit: 3000 (including spaces)
Research ProjectDescribe your research project, including how 23andMe data will be used. Specify analyses you plan to perform using 23andMe data, or other datasets that may be combined with 23andMe data.
Character limit: 12,000 (including spaces)
Data use questionsPlease indicate whether 23andMe data will be used: - To generate genetic risk scores - To identify novel drug targets, and/or - In a meta-analysis
Plans for PublicationDescribe your estimated timeline to publication, including information on your target journal if available.
SignaturesDo not sign the form at this stage. The Statement of Work form and a Data Transfer Agreement will be returned to you for signature after 23andMe’s review and approval.

Additional Information and Requirements

  • 23andMe data cannot be distributed, shared, or sold to third parties.
  • Researchers must agree that the results of their research will be published in open-access scientific journals (or open-access articles) and according to 23andMe’s publication best practices. Currently, those best practices only allow for the publication of summary statistics for up to 10,000 SNPs; this applies to meta-analyses that include 23andMe data.
  • Researchers may not file for intellectual property rights covering the results of research using 23andMe data.