23andMe for Scientists

Accelerating research. Making an impact.

The 23andMe cohort is the largest re-contactable research database of genotypic and phenotypic information in the world. By inviting customers to participate in research, we have created a new research model that accelerates genetic discovery and offers the potential to more quickly garner new insights into treatments for disease.

5 Million+

23andMe customers


of customers
consent to research

1 Billion+

phenotypic data
points collected

Think Big.

We have big dreams of using data to revolutionize health, wellness and research. We are committed to scientific standards and being a trusted source of genetic information.

At the same time, we push the boundaries of what’s possible to enable groundbreaking research and innovative products. And we empower those outside the company to leverage the platform we’ve built. We have seen how our research gives meaning to people who want to make a difference in their lives or in the lives of others. We never forget that there are real people on the other end of every decision, every interaction, and every data point.

Join our Research Team

For a full list of current job openings, visit our Careers page.

  • Director / Principal Scientist – Computational Biology

    Posted 7/3/2018


    • Ph.D. in Computational Biology or related field
    • Strong background in machine learning, statistics or algorithms development
    • Extensive experience in writing robust code; strong programming skills in Python or R
    • Hands-on experience working with very large genomic datasets
    • Knowledge of statistical genetic methods, including GWAS, PheWAS, burden testing, etc

  • Population Geneticist – Ancestry Research

    Posted 6/28/2018


    • Ph.D. in Population Genetics, Statistical Genetics or a related field
    • Evolutionary or population genetics research experience; focus on human population genetics is a plus
    • Experience in algorithm development or machine learning approaches
    • Hands-on experience working with very large data sets in Python or R; experience with C/C++ is a plus

  • Scientist/Senior Scientist – Health R&D

    Posted 7/1/2018


    • Ph.D. in Statistics, Genetics, Computer Science, or a related field
    • Strong coding experience (Python, R, and other relevant programming languages)
    • Strong working knowledge of statistics
    • Experience working with large structured and unstructured data