Genotyping Services for Research


Genotyping Services for Research is an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to incorporate genetic information into your study. Whether you regularly perform genetic studies, or have never done so before, the simplicity and flexibility of our end-to-end service will help you:


End-to-end genotyping: go seamlessly from sample collection to analysis.


Genotypic data delivered to you within 8 weeks of saliva samples being received at our lab.


All participants get the chance to learn about themselves with the 23andMe experience.


Recruit from a wider area: kits can be shipped in bulk to you or directly to participants.

What services are provided through Genotyping Services for Research?

What we offer goes beyond ordinary genotyping services:

Microarray Suppliers  Service Providers  
and Core Labs
Sample Collection Kit
DNA extraction

Sample processing
SNP data processing
Dashboard for project tracking
Return of data to participants
Shipping kits to participants' homes

You also get access to 23andMe’s Researcher Dashboard, which is designed to give you complete control over your project and visibility into all stages of the process.

  • Manage your project
  • Track the progress of both your participants and their samples
  • Download data on demand as it becomes available


How do I learn more?

Tell us the details of your research project, and we’ll contact you for a consultation on using our comprehensive genotyping service for your study. Pricing is based on the size of the study. Please contact us for a quote.

discuss your project


Who can apply?

Collaborators can be involved with institutions that are domestic or foreign, public or private, but the institution must be non-commercial and the research must be for non-commercial purposes. Researchers may be at any stage of their careers. Applications submitted by a group of researchers at the same institution will also be considered.

This site and the services it describes are intended for researchers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. If you are conducting research in another country, please contact us for the services that may be available in your location.

How does it work?

Each step in our workflow is carefully designed and monitored to ensure data quality.

Step 1

Contact 23andMe to order kits.

Step 2

Participants spit and DNA samples are sent back to our lab.

Step 3

23andMe processes samples.

Step 4

Data accessed by you and your research participants.

What SNPs are included on the chip used by 23andMe?

We have genotyped millions of people in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories. We use an Illumina Infinium® Global Screening Array that analyzes over 600,000 SNPs. It is a fully custom array designed by 23andMe’s scientists to include variants:

  • In medically relevant genes
  • With known disease associations
  • Associated with traits
  • Used to assign genetic ancestry

With over 600,000 SNPs, we probably have what you need. Use our SNP Search to find SNPs or genes of interest to your study.

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Can 23andMe offer customized SNP content?

We cannot customize our genotyping array for individual studies. Also, research participants do not receive custom 23andMe reports based on individual studies; they receive the personalized genetic reports that are provided to 23andMe customers in the country of their residence.


Can 23andMe work with sample types other than saliva?

All of our tests are done with a simple, non-invasive saliva sample that the research participant can provide either at your research lab or in his or her own home. Only new 23andMe saliva collection kits are eligible for Genotyping Services for Research.


Does my study need IRB/Ethics Committee approval?

It is a requirement of Genotyping Services for Research that IRB/Ethics Committee approval of any research study is obtained in accordance with all applicable legal, regulatory and institutional requirements.


Do I need to return the 23andMe reports to participants?

Research participants are provided access to their personalized genetic reports through the 23andMe online account they set up when they enroll. You don’t have to do anything to ensure research participants review their 23andMe reports, but it is a requirement of our service that each research participant is offered the 23andMe experience.


Can a research participant opt out of 23andMe’s research?

23andMe customers can opt into and opt out of our research program at any time. They just need to update their research consent in their account settings. If they opt out, we will stop using their information for research going forward (we cannot affect studies that have already been completed), and will discontinue use of their data within 30 days.


What happens if a research participant wants to withdraw from my research project?

You can withdraw a research participant from your study using the Researcher Dashboard. Research participants can also withdraw themselves from your study through their 23andMe account, by removing data-sharing authorization (prior to you accessing their data).


Will my cohort be studied in isolation by 23andMe?

Your cohort is yours, as part of your research project. 23andMe will not isolate your cohort and study it independently. However, if the research participants consent to be part of 23andMe’s research program, their data will be added to our database of research-consented individuals.


How can I stay up-to-date about your services?

If you’d like to receive updates about our services for researchers, join our email list.

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